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Specialized Resume Skills:

Workforce Re-Entry for Caretakers

Deciding to stay home to raise a family or quitting your job to take care of a family member is a huge decision and often, not taken lightly.  Creating a resume to address an employment gap takes strategy and creativity.  I have worked in this niche resume area for years.  There is a way for you to make your comeback that will address the gap, maintain your workplace relevancy, and… I am here for it!

Military to Civilian

As a writer for the Wounded Warriors Project, I have vast knowledge on how to translate your military career into an accomplishment-based civilian resume.  Your transferable skills from your military career must be highlighted in an easy-to-understand format so that a hiring manager will not have to figure out the military vernacular or be put off by any content that seems “aggressive”.  Together, we will collaborate in building your overall professional story that will ensure you are a competitive candidate.

Have a Federal Formatted Resume?

A federal resume is dense with information, and most are not presented in a way that a corporate hiring manager will understand. Together we can identify, extract and translate your most valuable wins and accomplishments that will optimize your document and highlight you as a choice candidate.