You Must Protect Your Mind

Do you watch the news? Are you on social media? Are you exposed to work-office gossip? What types of T.V shows and movies are you watching? Do they contain aggression, violence, horror, negativity? What about music? Have you thought how these influences affect your work and personal life?
I have become acutely aware of the powerful influence our external exposure has on our conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious has no sense of humor and no filter. What is receives, it digests. Our mind must be celebrated and protected.
Everyday we are influenced by news/media, social media, marketing, T.V, music etc…Have you thought what that exposure is doing to you and the effects it has in the workplace and at home? Have you considered what pressures of society, male/female degradation, false learning and emotional conditioning can being be doing to your beautiful mind? Is it possible that the mind is digesting this information and creating fear, lack of confidence, confusion, self-imposing lack and limitation?
When we jam our minds with daily fear, inadequacy, poverty consciousness, less than, negative suggestions and self-deflation we are not allowing ourselves to be in a creative space to be able to ask ourselves the questions and provide the answers, see situations clearly or get into a visual-feeling space of what what we are desiring.
We must protect our minds not just for work happiness, but for overall satisfaction! How do we do that? No, you do not have to go live under a rock or off the grid (I do suppose that is one way), but rather carefully choose what you are exposing yourself to. Limit time on social media- unless this is your job. However, there are tools for limiting negative exposure. Watch movies and shows that serve your joy, creativity, and curiosity rather than leave you feeling startled, worried or feeling any negative emotion. Listen to music that leaves you in a state of well-being, excited, happy or relaxed and peaceful. You get the point. It IS a deliberate, conscious effort. It is a way of living, a lifestyle shift. I stopped watching the news in October 2017 and I can say for certain enough still gets in. I am not “out of the loop”, but don’t have repetitive, daily moments of fear and anxiety.
In addition, consider affirmations to reprogram the subconscious:

  1. My thoughts are under my control.
  2. I have the absolute power to change my life by changing my thoughts.
  3. I have the power to succeed wherever I put my mind.
  4. I was born a powerful creator and I remain that way.
  5. Each day I create from the seat of abundance.

In closing, I would like to offer another tool: Meditation. This can simply be sitting comfortably for a few moments enjoying the silence. There are many ways to meditate, find one that suits you and feels right. The benefits will be realized immediately!

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