Do I Need A 2-Page Resume?

Do I Need a 2-Page Resume?

That depends.  For most people, a one-page resume is sufficient.  Let me ask you a few questions and let’s have a look at your professional timeline.  Do you have a vast work history of 10-15 years and are applying for an executive position?  Are you applying for a management or leadership role? Do you have extensive career accomplishments, certifications, or technical skills?  Are you applying for a federal position or engineering, academia, or scientific research? Are your positions quantifiable?

Now that we have the questions sorted, here is my professional take.  It is appropriate to use a two-page resume if reducing it to one page will harm your chances of landing an interview by omitting essential and relevant qualifications and skills.  Notice how I said “relevant”?  This does not mean listing every job and its details to exhaustion.  Learn (or ask a professional resume writer) to understand what is relevant to list on your resume in relation to the position in which you are seeking.  Truth be told, a hiring manager will not spend all day looking at your resume.  You want to make sure that if you do have a 2-pager, the second page wow’s as much as the first by providing relevant information, skills, and accomplishments that will add value to your targeted position.

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